Past Events


Saturday, May 25
Doors 8pm / Show 8:30pm
$10.00 general

University Centers Presents: Teen Daze

Doors: 8:00PM Show: 8:30PM
Saturday, May 25
The Loft @ UCSD
FREE for UCSD Students w/ ID
$10 General Admission

Parking is available in Gilman Parking Structure.
Park via the Park Mobile app on your phone or at the Pay Station with cash or credit card.
Parking is needed until 11PM.

About Teen Daze:
Since 2010, Jamison Isaak has been creating music under a multitude of different aliases: whether it's the ambient-leaning synthpop sounds of Teen Daze, sun-drenched dance tracks of Pacific Coliseum, or the quiet and meditative folk songs as Two Bicycles, Isaak has created a fanbase around his compelling, melodic and atmospheric works.

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Thursday, May 30

Interested in learning about what it takes to brand your company? Come listen to a talk with the creative director of the local, employee-owned beverage company, Modern Times. Amy Krone, the Director of Arts & Crafts at Modern Times, will be sharing how she started her career as well as the art direction and creative process behind her work.

*Free food and company swag will be given away, so be sure to click "going" now!

Monday, Jun 3

University Centers Presents: Dogs

Monday, June 3
Time: 3PM-6PM
Location: The Loft
Ticket Price: Free for UCSD Students w/ ID

Come celebrate (hu)man’s best friend in The Loft!

Come celebrate WEEK 10 by coming to our happy hour event with free hot dogs, dog videos, and BINGO! Bring your friends for a great time!

Wednesday, Jun 5

University Centers Presents: International Left-Handed Appreciation Day

The Loft @ UCSD
Event: 6PM
FREE for UCSD Students w/ ID

Annoyed of finding an empty left-handed desk in lecture halls or writing in spiral notebooks? With just 12% of the population being left-handed, it can be easy for everyone else to forget we're living in a right-handed world. Come out on June 5th for a chance to bond with other lefties over FREE food and acknowledging the everyday issues that only we understand and face in a world designed for right-handers.