Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Bites/Beverages


Zanzibar at The Loft invites you to experience lunch and evening bites and beverages at The Loft! Now officially open, Zanzibar at The Loft features items like Bombay Turkey Sliders, Cheese Plates, Mediterranean Mezze Platter (Hummus, Olives, Pita Chips), Turkey Bacon Panini, and more!

In addition to their Pacific Beach and Downtown locations, Zanzibar Cafe is thrilled to be opening Zanzibar at the Loft, their third location and most exciting venture. With this collaboration, we hope to fuse food, wine and the arts in a unique way that the community of San Diego has yet to experience.


Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu
Beverage List
Social Hour Specials


The Loft at UC San Diego
Price Center East, Level 2

Contact Information

Restaurant: 858-678-0922
Fax: 858-678-0976

Summer Hours

Monday-Friday: 10:30am-3pm (June 15 - Sept 19)
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Social Hour: (no social hour during the summer)

*Fall Hours & Social Hour will resume at the start of Fall Quarter.