The Loft at UC San Diego is our performance lounge and social crossroads where emerging art and pop culture collide. As a place where modern design, appetizing bites, and intriguing performances coexist, The Loft will revolutionize how you experience the arts. From chamber music that rocks to independent films that inspire, every experience here is a creative one. Cross genres, push boundaries, and explore new artistic terrain with us. It's all happening at The Loft.


Designed and furnished by San Diego's go-to designers, bells&whistles, The Loft interior is a fresh take on contemporary hip. Modern bench seating, sculptural lighting fixtures, plush ottomans, and understated architecture provide the feel of an intimate urban hangout and the perfect setting to absorb artistic experiences.

The Loft Video Gallery

The Loft Video Gallery is a dynamic viewing space located just outside the venue where both casual passer-by and purposeful viewers can immerse themselves in captivating film and video. Curated by The Loft, in partnership with campus and community guests, The Video Gallery is a fresh take on how we engage with film in public spaces.


The Loft features emerging rock, global pop, indie-folk, underground films, late night DJ's, comedy acts, performing arts and more. Expect to see local, national, and international artists, not to mention the talent right here at UC San Diego -- a place known for its boundary-breaking innovation.


Central to The Loft are the UCSD students who operate as the key players in its day-to-day management, programming, promotions, and happenings. Whether undergraduate, graduate, or alumni, The Loft is a focal point for all six college communities to share thoughts, ideas, and creative experiences.